Usage for text:

Usage for svg:

Usage for image:

See examples at the end of page!

Parameter Description
format Width x height (400x300), only width for square (400) or a format (vga). See below under format table.
text Text shown in image. If text is empty, "width x height" will be shown.
category If no category is set for image, then one is choosen randomly. Available image categories:
background, food, general, nature, animals, people
forecolor Color for text & border. Long (rrggbb) & short (rgb) format in hex allowed.
backcolor Color for background. Long (rrggbb) & short (rgb) format in hex allowed.
border Border size, 0-16 Pixel allowed
position Text position is by default center. Another available positions: vertical-left
font If no font is set, then one is choosen randomly. Available fonts for text:
OpenSans, Baloo, BubblegumSans, CaesarDressing, CarterOne, ChelseaMarket, Chewy, Coustard, Coustard-Black, Creepster, FingerPaint, FiraMono, FiraMono-Bold, FreckleFace, FredokaOne, Pacifico, PatrickHandSC, PermanentMarker, RaviPrakash, ShortStack

Format table

These format can be used for the format parameter

Format Size
cga 320x200
qvga 320x240
vga 640x480
wvga 800x480
Format Size
svga 800x600
wsvga 1024x600
xga 1024x768
wxga 1280x800
Format Size
wsxga 1440x900
wuxga 1920x1200
wqxga 2560x1600
ntsc 720x480
Format Size
pal 768x576
hd720 1280x720
hd1080 1920x1080
2k 2048x1920